Individual supporters and their affiliations are listed below. Organizational affiliation is used for identification purposes only.  Our campaign takes NO money from corporate PACs  or dark money special interests.

Coconino County Supporters

Matt Ryan, Coconino County Supervisor 1998-present

Billy Weldon

Jamie Whelan, Flagstaff City Council

Jim "Doc" Wurgler, Williams City Council

Kara Kelty, FUSD School Board

Mandy Metzger, Coconino County Supervisor 2008-2016

Jim Corning

Carl Taylor, Coconino County Supervisor 2004-2012

Tim Kinney

Bill Auberle

Kerry Blume

Nico Barraza

Chris Bavasi

Don Walters

Eve Ross

Patrick Hurley

Dave Stilley

Robert Breunig

Julie and Bob Millis

Ethan Aumack

Bruce Aiken

Matt Ziegler

Nat White


Yavapai County Supporters

Tim Elinski, Mayor of Cottonwood

John Martinez, Sedona City Council

Scott Jablow, Sedona City Council

Richard Denhert, Clarkdale Town Council

Nikki Check

Buck Buchanan, Camp Verde Town Council

Mary Huntley

Dr. Jack Dillenberg, Jerome Town Council

Dave Soto

Ernie and Karen Strauch

Andrea Christelle

Mandy Worth, Jerome Town Council

Ted Garland

Mary and Gary Garland

Steve Segner

Linda Buchanan

Eric Marcus

Al Comello


Navajo, Gila & Statewide Supporters

KC Clark, former Navajo County Sheriff

Joe Miller

Brad Powell, Arizona Wildlife Federation

Lorain and John Roethlein

Chris Higgins, Payson Town Council

Doug Stewart

Ken Crump